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Ways to compare audio files...

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Hi everyone!


After an exaustive search on these forums, I am still having no success finding an easy way to compare two audio files... Is there a technique within SoundForge (4.5 or 5) or CoolEdit 200, or is there dedicated software that analizes, bit for bit, the difference between to .wav files?


Thanks in advance!



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You could flip the phase of both channels and then combine them with the original recording. If they're the same, you should hear nothing (or close to nothing).


Whatever you do hear is the difference between the two audio files.


Musicplayer.com's phase-flippin' junkie --





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There are general file comparison tools available -- I believe there's even a DOS command that'll tell you something... but I'm not sure how useful these would be unless the files are at least supposed to be truly identical. What I mean is, you could have two WAV files with exactly the same audio data but one has markers or different header information. The comparison might make them seem different when they are really not, sonically.
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