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Craig: Job Opportunities Forum?

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The spam thread got me thinking. What do people think about having a Job Opportunities forum here like they have at the Digidesign User Conference ? It might be a good addition to this site.


I was wondering, Craig, if anyone at Music Player ever discussed this possibility. How do you feel about the idea?


Even though Im asking Craig about this, Id also like to hear from forum members as well.


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I've known about it for a while now, but it doesn't seem to get a lot of "general use" - probably because, as Rob mentioned, they have not promoted it very much, and the links are fairly small. Still, this site is DEEP. There's lots of stuff here that a lot of people are probably unaware of... Fletcher's photo gallery of his favorite gear - none of which costs more than $500, Alphajerk's loving tribute to Sweetwater, Craig's error filled articles.. wait - I was thinking about the evil musicplayer site from a parrallel universe. My mistake.


But, all joking aside, there's lots of interesting stuff here. Ever check out the Lessons? How about the Music Yellow Pages? Tip of the Week? Classifieds? Music on TV Today? Reviews? LOADS of good stuff. Musicplayer.com - it's not just for discussion threads anymore.


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