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Problem with new Midiman MIDISPORT 2x2 USB drivers

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I just installed the newest Midiman MIDISPORT 2x2 USB drivers and now I have no MIDI interface! I mean, it appears in the Device Mgr, and it seems to be working at that level, but if I run SONAR, I get the message popping up that I have not chosen any MIDI inputs. In the MIDI devices dialog there they are in the list... but if I select them, I get that same message again.


Basically I'm stuck in an unending loop unless I click "Continue with no MIDI Input." Kind of useless unless I just want to play stuff I've already recorded!


I have an email off to Midiman, but in the meantime I thought I'd post here in case someone has already encountered this and licked it...





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Got it straightened out, no thanks to Midiman. Was this a test??


First off, there are three separate install instructions: one that can be downloaded as a Word doc next to the driver package link (and also in the Walkthroughs section), one in their FAQ, and a third as a text file in the driver package itself. Anyone else having troubles, be aware that this word doc version is the closest to correct. But it contains a nasty error: it tells you to delete two older driver files with a sys extension that live in c:\windows\system\drivers. They are actually in c:\windows\system32\drivers


When I didn't find them, I just assumed my previous botched attempt at removing the old drivers was the reason those files didn't appear to be there... and proceeded to give myself, once more, a botched result.


Even then, the rest of my installation proceeded a bit differently than described. But ultimately it does work this way...


I wrote all this up and emailed Tech Support at Midiman, and suggested they take a survey and found out how many people actually got this to install correctly

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