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Eventide vs TC 3000 for reverb

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IMHO, the tc m3000 is THE reverb these days - lush, smooth, and just outstanding. a different sound than the lex, which is probably still the industry standard. you are looking at high end units, so dont overlook the new programmable reverb by sony (dres777) - havent used it, but hear some pretty phenomenal comments about it.


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I think that TC Electronics is the way to go in the reverb department. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Awesome sound, great user interface, and massive flexibility. (I haven't tried the pitch shifter on an M3000 yet though, but I would expect it to be good. It's TC, after all.)





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Originally posted by masternfool:

how does the verb sound compared to say Lex


You don't mention which Eventide you're looking at, nor which Lexicon you're looking to compare it to. IMO, the Eventide H3000 is a pretty different beast from the DSP4000, and probably different still from the DSP7500 or Orville (haven't used the latter two). In any case... I own an Eventide DSP4000/Lexicon PCM90 and PCM80. The reverb on all three units is excellent for different reasons and I use all three for reverb equally. I would describe the Eventide as a lot "brighter/shinier" than either of the Lexicons. The PCM 90 is a lot "smoother/deeper" than the PCM80, but I find that the PCM80 sometimes blends better in a mix. Both Lexicons are definitely "darker" than the Eventide. For lead vocals/pianos/acoustic guitars I tend to reach for the Eventide or the PCM 90. I think the plates on the Eventide are great. I like the Lexicons on drums/perc. For electric guitars/background vocals I usually use the PCM80. But then again, the sound I'm going for may be totally different than what you're after... I have no experience with the TC3000, but I've used the TC5000 a bunch. Awesome. Better than what I own? For some things, but not for others. I guess what I'm saying is if your priority is reverb and the sound you're after is the TC, then go for it. If you think you'd use the pitch shifting and other things in the Eventide a lot, then go for the Eventide because the reverb sounds and works great for a lot of things. If I had to pick only one of the three I own? It would definitely be the Eventide. Hope this helps, YMMV.



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The new 1U silver Eventide must surely rock! I would get that over the TC M3000 if I have to pick one......


I own a TCM3000 & DSP4000 I like em both, I could live without the TC unit, the eventide HAS SO MUCH STUFF IN IT!



In Pro Tools I tend to leave the TC unit "live" connected via AES feeding 2 engines with seperate sends, but with the Eventide DSP 400 - I tend to record several wack stereo FX for different channels then perhaps leave it "live" as a harmonizer.....


Too much gear...





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I've only had my M3000 for a couple of months, but in that time I've chosen it over the PCM90 100% of the time (listening to them side by side). That's not to say there aren't situations where I would prefer the Lexicon; I just haven't encountered one yet. The Lexicon is a little darker and thicker. The TC sounds pure and natural. I think the Lex is still a good bet for some vocals and guitars, esp. when you really want to "smear" the sound. But the TC sounds good on everything.


Another bonus with the M3000 is that its dual-engine architecture is like buying two reverbs for the price of one.


I have no experience with Eventide.


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Since no one as yet has mentioned that they are familiar with the sound of the new Eventide Orville, I'll relay that Orville was voted top outboard reverb by the readers of Studio Sound magazine. I wish I could give you my own impressions, but I have yet to hear one myself.


There is also a review of the Eventide Orville in the current issue of Electronic Musician.

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