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Mac Beige G3 RAM Question

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Hey everyone! I have a friend who has a question about RAM (see below). We both are guessing that it doesn't matter at all, but lessee what the Mac experts say! Okay, now the question:



"Question: I have a Mac beige G3 Tower. It has 3 slots for RAM. I have 2

-256mb chips & 1- 128mb chip. Does it matter which chips go into each


Does the order of how the chips are arranged effect the computers



Thank you very much in advance for the answers to this question.


BTW, I just purchased a Mac G4 466 MHz and will hopefully be hooking everything together this weekend. This is my first Mac, and the first computer I've had since my aging 1994 Pentium 120 MHz, so it's gonna be a lot of fun, and quite an eye-opener, since my technology is pretty much stuck back in 1994!!! Wish me luck! Anyway, thanks again!




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