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How to get maximum bit resolution with VST32...a little confused?

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As I understand it, to get the best digital sound is to get the highest level to the converter without clipping, using all of the 24 bits that the converter will give. If the signal is low I am not using all the bits the a/d converter gives...is that correct? Therefore having a lower resolution and having part of the digital signal not used? I use Spirit/Soundcraft Digital 328, VST32 and a RME 96/52. here is an example ...I set up the input to be as close to "0" on the LED meter on the 328 - then the signal is only coming in to CUBASE at -3,-4.(Thats in another post) Then when I turn on the TRUE TAPE, the level on the Channel Strip gets hotter, obviously. Now is TRUE TAPE taking the signal and maximizing the input to use all the 24 bit data? So what if I send the signal to cubase at -15 from the 328 and crank the saturation to show Digital 0 in Cubase. Is it still using up all the bits? But then the converter are in the 328, not Cubase, so i would assume, the signal on the 328 LED's are at -15 ---> Not filling all the bits. So how is true tape getting the signal hotter if all the bits arent there to begin with. Is true tape just maximizing the (lets say 18 bits) signal and still having "0's" that arent filled as a part of the signal. So i am still not taking full advantage of a 24 bits signal ---> Not getting the best resolution--->poor quality signal?


A little confused...

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You should always try to maximize your level in a digital system like Cubase and I don't think anyone would say that's a bad thing. Just try not to get too anal about it by always going for a digital 0 ...I'd say set your levels at about -3 and go for it. That leaves a little headroom for the occasional jump in level that you may not expect.


Obviously if you are squashing a signal with heavy compression during tracking you can set your level closer to 0.


Good luck.

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