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Line 6 Pod as a preamp?

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I just purchased the Pod for my Clav. I put it before my Barbetta Sona 41C and after my Vox wah and, damn, I sound good! I'll probably be using it for recording too. So I notice there's this preset called Tube Preamp. Would I be foolish to go to tape with it as a preamp for a vocal, for example? Or should I think more about using it as an effect? The only preamps I have at the moment are cheap Mackies. Though in about a month I'll be able to afford the new Grace 101 http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif Please advise.
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I don't really think the POD's tube preamp model is a substitute for a tube mic preamp, or any good outboard pre for that matter. It's more of an instrument preamp, and that's how I'd use it.


Get the Grace and keep the POD for using on instruments. Keys are cool through it, as are drums and some other things.


Phil O'Keefe

Sound Sanctuary Recording

Riverside CA


email: pokeefe777@msn.com

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