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Is it my CD Player or Mackie???

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I have a question. Why is it that if I'm playing an audio cd on my pc's drive (and mp3's as well) that when I run it into my Mackie it sometimes filters out certain parts (background vocal tracks, rythem parts, etc.)

If I plug it into the insert, it basically cuts out everything but the vocals. But sometimes just through the normal line, it will cut out different elements of the track....

This happened with my old soundcard as well as my new Delta 44 too???? Why is that?

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Does your computer or sound card have some type of 3D or Stereo Image Enhancement settings? I have found that these type of things use some form of phase shift that produces the effect you describe. Check your sound control panel by double-clicking the speaker icon at the bottom of your screen. Next, click the Advanced button and make sure any 3D or Stereo Enhancement is turned off.



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