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Unpacked the DA7

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Yep - we unpacked it and fired her up. Am now enjoying playing with it and working out how it does things. Just like an O2R really. Nice feel to it all though. Put the Genelecs in tomorrow, fired up the Event 20/20s in the same holes and that blew my client away. He'd had them for 2 years and they've never sounded like they do now. Pictures next week.


Now the bad news, go to DA7 site and find they've just released DA7 MkII......



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The DA7 Mk II consists of a lot of little fixes and tweaks, but it's true that 2.01 gives you most of them anyway.


Remember you can plug the MIDI out to the MIDI in, and use the MIDI fader layer to control internal parameters. I do this to get a really fun wa-wa sound!

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