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Should Arts subsidise the government?

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Rather turning around Craig's original post..

It made me think....when politicians embrace contemporay art, in order to look hip, cool and on-the-ball...they're attempting to make the arts subsidise the government.....

Over here in the UK, we see the "New Labour"

government attempting to "curry favour" with

Oasis, Damien Hirst, Blur and Tracey Emin....

The same thing happens in the US, n'est ce pas?

Here's hoping that you EVENTUALLY get the pres

that you deserve....




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i hear tipper gore after debating for a while with frank zappa jammed with his kids not so long ago. whodathunkit?


we really dont need govt much anymore and they usually tend to fight art more than use it to their advantage, well i take that back. they are always using it to their political advantage. look at adolph guiliani fighting the poop art for political gain. and they always take children hostage in their pleas.


if i hear 'what about the children' one more time...



"if god is truly just, i tremble for the fate of my country" -thomas jefferson

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There's always a flurry of news items about which artists are endorsing who...


Bush was down with "the Rock," a popular pro wrestler involved in what is essentially a male-oriented soap opera. He is perhaps best known for claiming to turn ladies into Poontang Pie, or something like that (forgive my ignorance, this isn't exactly my field of expertise).


Gore had the usual liberal types, Barbra Streisand etc. Also got an endorsement from Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister. How soon people forget about Tipper Gore's little side project, the PMRC. Although at least she had the decency to leave when it got too weird...


I gotta say that the whole post-election thing has shown each candidate for what they truly are, and it's not a pretty sight.


Maybe that parliamentary system idea isn't so bad after all.


But to comment on your original post (aheam). Let me turn it around a bit more. Does it matter if artists endorse politicians? Does anyone care? What gives artists the political intelligence to make a reasonable decision about political priorities? When Springsteen sings about the NYPD plugging some poor guy by mistake, does it rally anyone to cause?


I think the days of musicians having political power, as they did in the 60s and to a certain extent in the 50s, are pretty much gone. They do help with the fundraisers, though.

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