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Midiman DIO2496 card- impessions/comments please

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I just bought a DIO-2496 card. Using it for sp/dif file transfers from my VS1680 to PC.


It doesn't come with a software mixer, so I can't control the cards analog output volume from within applications. I would prefer to monitor using this card, instead of my Soundblaster.


I believe that the 2448 card *does* support the use of a software mixer, allowing the volume to be changed from within apps. But I'm not sure if the 2448's analog outputs have the same specs as the 2496.


Clear as mud, no???


I'm interested in hearing from anyone who uses (or has used) a 2496. I may exchange my card for a 2448 since I really don't need the 96k sampling rate.



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I use the 24/96 on a mac g4 and find it a little buggy. The good news for you is it's one of those things that was designed for a PC and then retro-engineered for a Mac - so our control panal is sort of an abortion of the PC version and doesnt really work as well as it should.


The sound of the card however is fantastic.



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