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5.1 headphone thing - does it suck?


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At AES I saw / heard this box, it was supposed to generate a 5.1 mix in a pair of headphones. Hard to tell if it was any good in that environment (too much noise). Anyone else hear it? Any chance this thing will bring the revolution- consumers don't have to buy all those speakers? Could get a headphone box and watch movies in surround. Or is this just another reverb/eq thing like you got on stereos in the '80s where you could listen in different "rooms"?

Just wondering.


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I caught the demo at AES and I must say I was very, very impressed. The demo had all of us at one point taking our headphones off just to make sure that there werent any speakers on behind us in the back of the room (there were no speakers on behind us). I don't know the future of this technology but my ears enjoyed the experience.

Dave Reitzas

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