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vocal processor


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Hey guys, I am looking for a processor to run vocals through live and for rehearsals. I need something with a footwsitch so I can change effects on the fly, any recommendations? I mainly need delay,chorus,compression,reverbs and maybe a bit of distortion. I haven't been able to try a Peavey vocal 100, which seems like a great idea but I am concerned about the low quality of the effects on it. Any help on this matter would be great.
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There was a similar topic posted in this forum (don't you guys read past the first page ?), and I recommended the DigiTech harmony boxes, because not only do you get cool time-based delay effects, you can generate harmonies. I one I have is older and doesn't do reverb, but someone else mentioned that some of the newer vocalist boxes do have reverb. IF you need distortion, just get a stomp box and put it upstream.


BTW a lot of Peavey boxes are actually very hip, they've been doing good digital work for some time now (I still think the TubeFex is great).

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