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The proposal we received for the new PA in the church santuary has the subs flown. Capacity is approx. 1000 seats, the room is approx. 80'X100'ceiling is 24' stepped down every 30" about 2'. The sound contractor was concerned with phase cancellation, and the fact that the crossover would have to be so low if subs were mounted 60' or so from array. Is this common practice in these situations? Please only experienced and qualified eng. answer. Thanks
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Can we have some more info?


what type of music? and,why do the subs end up 60'from the array?


It is not uncommon to fly the subs, and I have heard it work nicely.


Also, are you familliar with some of the contractors other work?


As a side note, I'm in Grandview.



Steve Smith

No, not the drummer


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The music is pretty close to rock, volume wise. 4 singers, elect. guitar, 2 acoust. guitars, elct. bass, keyboards, 3 trumpets, 2 saxes, flute, clarinet, percussion and drums. If the subs are not flown, the only practical place for them is either side of the platform, which is about 40' or 50' across. The sound company is Nelson Audio, out of Jeff. City MO. I'm a pro bassist and they've done live sound for some things I've done, and they do installs at churches, which I have heard. So I know they know what's going on. BTW, the church is Christian Fellowship in Columbia MO. Sounds like your almost a neighbor.
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