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Me and Anita can say whatever is on our minds and still be friends, I think. I just think I have to keep a constant eye on Ani, because she's nuts,or something. Not sure, she had a weird childhood which has a lot to do with it. I'm nuts too so I guess it's my responsibility!
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So......as I was saying. I really do have to just say what's on my mind, and let the chips fall where they may, because if I don't.........it's even worse, a lot worse, to let all that build up for any longer, and that's why I had to say all that, and also because....... I love my Ani.
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Yeah Wepu,


You just want to keep an eye on me because you have these uncontrollable desires to get me and Lee under the same roof at the same time. :D


I'm NOT going to go off selling the Internotes CD for a profit without approval from all, and also in having everything written down in terms. However, I have several people waiting at my job (my little fan club) for the Internotes CD to come out that had offered to pay full retail price for it. I told them a few days ago that we would be selling it at cost for $5.00 and they were like "COOL MAN." I'll be telling them that "them there three songs are SOMA, and will be on our full release of our own team" and that OUR DISK will be sold at retail market value if they want a copy of the full CD. :cool: Hopefully the SOMA guys don't mind a squabble every now and again.


I was serious about the Music Pro tho.... Moses Avalon expressed a serious interest in the project; always happens when you're not prepared for something like that to happen. Probably by the time anything else could get organized, he'd lose interest; I dunno. I usually showcase his seminars on my site, which he has another coming up in June, and I called him to discuss the issues here on the forum relative to CDBaby. How far he could go with it, I'm not sure, but it really did happen; Celine Dion is among his credits.

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Originally posted by Nursers:


Hi Ani,


Have never deleted threads except the odd spam one, so they must still be there.



I tried conducting a search on your forum for the key words "team players" and "profiles" which were both very heavily used and the results didn't deliver either thread.


On my forum that I run in private, I have an option that can be enabled or disabled for "autoprune" that will automatically delete old topics that have not been accessed for a set amount of days; is it possible that something like that might have happened? I have not been through page by page, but I had tried to find that player profiles page a while back when I was writing the article on the website about the Fantasy League / Internotes project and I couldn't find it then either.


So Wewus,


Are you okay with me setting up a site for JackPine to make things easier for ordering?

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I'm glad you've both kissed and made up. :)


Anyway, since that thread got closed I'll post my $.02 here.


I pretty much agree with PBBPaul's view. I think vol.1 should be treated as a demo - a proof of concept. If there is a major commercial interest in this type of project, we can always re-vamp it as such, and I do agree with Ani that it's better to have things in writing up front and signed BEFORE anyone does an ounce of work on it.


I do think it's too late in a business and legal standpoint to make vol1 a commercial release. If there happens to be a big demand for it, unless we can all come to terms after the fact, I would agree with someone else's suggestion and pick a charity to donate whatever proceeds are made. Possibly something music-related - ya know, the kind that brings music stuff to underpriveleged and/or handicapped kids. Of course, this charity should be international as the collaborators were international.


Ani, I do think it's unfair to expect everyone to jump into your idea after it already started (and really it's actually all done) when it wasn't introduced in the beginning. I also disagree with your feeling that vol1 wasn't a success. I personally thought it was a success, in more ways than one.


Oh, and you didn't mention that it was me who came up with the name "Internotes" so I should be getting at least 50% of the cut! just kidding :P


- Rim

aka riffing


Double Post music: Strip Down




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The Fantasy League project was a success. And I had fun, to boot.


That's why I signed up for the Fantasy League draft, to have fun. I'm a pofessional musician; I earn my living producing music. For me, this project presented a fun way to actually create some original music with some of my fellow musicians whom I've met through these MusicPlayer forums, and to do so without having to worry about pleasing a client or missing a strict deadline.


In the end, we had fun and created some new music. According to those results, I can only come to the conclusion that this was a success.



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I had a great time on this project. I have refined my system for swapping files and I now have my own https site for putting up files. I can get the files I have to my computer with no problems now. I've gone from a bass player / vocalist in a cheesy rock cover band to an online collaborator. I've met lots of great folks and I talk about my band and my "virtual band".


This project has been allowed me to grow in many ways. While there's still a long way for me to go yet, I know where I want to go now.


As for marketing and distribution of this thing?


I don't really care. I just like seeing something I contributed to recorded and my name on the credits. With all the players involved, setting this up for some sort of a profit seems like a nightmare. If we go that way donate my shares to a charity. Just let me know so I can tell the IRS about it!! ;)


:thu: Double Post :thu:

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