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Reproducing electronics live w/o electronics


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So this band I recently got involved with just released their new album and it's chock full of wild loops and very cool drum programming. During live performances, I'm wondering how I should approach this. There's lots of material where the drum sounds will change from verse to chorus to bridge. I'd like to capture the hip vibe of the CD as much of that as I can.


I've done the triggering route and I'm not really into it, for reasons I don't want to waste time going into. I've got an electronic kit, but that's out of the question. I don't want to go there with a rock band.


Really what I'm wondering about is what's the best way to reproduce loops and electronics live on an acoustic drum kit. I suppose it's mostly needed in the snare drum for those electronic "pops". Would a variety of snares onstage help? I tried the Sonor Jungle snare at NAMM and really dug it. Also the Pork Pie 8" or 10" snares look interesting (I own a 12"). I was also thinking about those metal plates that are sandwiched together to get an interesting "chick" sound that could pass for a high-frequency snare-ish type hit. I forget what those are called.


Any thoughts? I'm really interested in people's opinions on how you all reproduce electronics live. btw, I'm only talking about *sounds* here. I can reproduce a loop *feel* on the kit no problem.

Just for the record.
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different snares are an obvious way. Maybe a remote kick too. At LEAST 2 hats. The thing is all your snares should be drastically tuned differently from one another, same with the kicks. Like a 22 and an 18. Make the hats different sizes...experiment with different hat cymbal combos, not just top and bottom , maybe two bottoms or whatever.

Theres a lot of splash/china/trash/whatever cymbals out there that can be used to get ALL kinds of different colors going. Might wana check out Zach Danzingers Zildjian "pre mix" cymbal line too.

I looked on the Sabian site to get Joey Heredias setup for you (he knows how to use cymbals to add color REALLY well) but since the Sabian site is RETARDED, I can't get a link.


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