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What's on your compilation CD?


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I'm sitting here with a CD burner and over 100 of my favorite CDs. My original thought was to make one killer compilation CD with all my favorite drum tracks. Aside from the guilty pangs of putting together something so self-absorbed, I'm finding I can't limit myself to 12 songs. I was wondering what the people on this board might put together. Here's my temporary track list:


1. Bring on the Night, from Sting's "Bring on the Night" (dr. Omar Hakim)


2. Bajo, Bajo, from John Patitucci's self-titled album (dr. Vinnie Colaiuta)


3. Man from the Past, from Tower of Power's "Back to Oakland" (dr. David Garibaldi)


4. The Sweeper, from Jason Marsalis' "Music in Motion" (dr. Jason Marsalis)


5. Dizzy Spells, from Jeff Beal's "Three Graces" (dr. Dave Weckl)


6. Techno, from John Scofield's "Still Warm" (dr. Omar Hakim)


7. Did It, from John Scofield's "Loud Jazz" (dr. Dennis Chambers)


8. Lenore, from Chick Corea's "The Leprechaun" (dr. Steve Gadd)


9. Leprechun's Dream, from Chick Corea's "The Leprechaun" (dr. Steve Gadd)


10. Nothing Personal, from Karizma's "Document" (dr. Vinnie Colaiuta)


11. Scophiles, from John Patitucci's "Sketches" (dr. Vinnie Colaiuta)


12. Rosanna, from Toto's "Toto IV" (dr. Jeff Porcaro)

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Originally posted by felix stein:

If you are going to burn something off Tower of Power's Back to Oakland, burn Squib Cakes!


Where's 50 ways to leave your lover?


I would burn the Zappa, Joe's Garage CD for classic Vinnie.


But you probably have all these.


I wore Squib Cakes out ages ago. Man from the Past is lesser known, it's still easy on the ears, and the ending is killer. I was also considering some stuff from Live and Living in Color, but most of the songs are too long to fit in the disc.


"50 Ways" has never been high on my list. That's some of Gadd's best work as a sideman and session guy, but as a drummer, his work with Chick Corea blows me away. If I did pick a Simon and Garfunkel tune, it would definately be "Me an Julio" from "Live in Central Park."


I respect Zappa, and Joe's Garage is definately in my collection, but the music has never really grabbed me. It's cool to sit down and analyze that stuff, but I can't admit to actually just sitting and listening to a Frank Zappa album for the pure enjoyment of it.

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Interesting. Jeez, I love to listen to Joe's garage. Did you pick up Vinnie's solo album a few years back?


I'm not so into the Gadd anymore...I heard him on a Grover Washington cd and he was lame IMHO. He might have been stoned that session. Sorry, can't remember the album, I'll check. Hell, you probably have it.


How are you with Harvey Mason?

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