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those old heads?


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i have a closet FULL of 'experiment' heads- you know, the ones you buy to see if they'll make you're kit sound like so-and-so's kit, or because they're on sale, or 'new' or whatever...


so here i am, stacks of heads in fairly new shape, in all sizes (i own three kits in three different sizes) 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24.....


what can be done with them? is there some organization that could use them? can i use them for placemats? footstool covers?



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Good one.


A good drumshop will buy them back from you for cheap.


I think some companies try to implement recycling of them but, unfortunatly, it usually costs more money to recycle plastic than buy virgin material. I'm not sure if the coatings/ink/film combinations are compatible most the time in a recycled product. You can thank "Big Oil" for this.


To me, drum head films look like premium grade material. Being in the plastics biz myself/ one has to have nice material to extrude sheet to those thin thickness'.


I keep them for awhile then I throw them out if they are too trashed. Sorry, I'm a product of my environment. Ohio doesn't really have decent recycling implemented. The waste managment people even "huck" most of the stuff in recycling bins.

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