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Replies to W.F.D. questions from Tim Waterson.


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B.B ,soundzaps Vinnie ,djarrett, felix and anyone else interested in the W.F.D. Boo Mcafee was running 880 to my Knowledge I,m not sure what Craig Allan is running. B.B I will always use Axis as I have since 1995. I have tried just about every pedal i even got to try Virgi'l new Pearl pedals in montreal but nothing comes close to AXIS for smoothness,reliability adjustability as SUPER SPEED! Glenn sobel ran 1009 at west L.A. but I know he was around 1050 the time i spoke to him.keep your ears ears posted for a guy named Dan who is closing in on Art's hand record and don,t discount Johnny Rabb this is an on-going competition so this is why i push myself so hard and please remember. I have never heard any W.F.D. drummers say that being the fastest makes us any better than any one else it just means we are taking drumming into a different direction. Felix I have a sound clip on my website that demo's what my record sounds like see if it sounds like your machine guns www.geocities.com/drumcanman Tim Waterson
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Tim, I love the sound clip. djarrett says he will post a video of you from NAMM, after summer NAMM. I left you a post on extreme sport drumming thread about Andy's two post over at evan's, what do you make of this? it seems like he came back today in more of a defensive/aggressive mode on his position "Play as Fast as You Want". You know drumming has been just kinda stale since Buddy left, just everything kinda easing along almost goodie goodie like, this reminds me reading of the days Buddy and Gene used to go at each other, or Buddy and whom ever, I think a little debate like this is healthy, it's kinda waking the industry up a little, how about your thoughts? bb
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I agree with you tim. no one ever said that the WFD drummers are better than any other drummer. I can't understand what all the negativity is about. The scores I read are just incredible to me. Now you say that someone could be even higher that Arts score. How can that be? What score does this Dan guy have? I can't get nowhere near these guys and trying it even makes me get more respect. Just amazing to me. How about your score, anyone closing in?

I'll be watching all this


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Now I know why I got beat out by Glen Sobel for an Impellitari tour a few years ago LOL.



I admire what you are doing. It's way cool.

I am working on my speed chops as well.


In musical situations how do you conceptualize fast playing? Do you favor subdivisions of 7's, 8's, 9's, 10's? Or do you basically stay away from lightening fast playing in musical situations....


Do you prefer this type of playing for rock or fusion? Have you had to change drum tuning for max projection?


I'm just curious



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