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Must have drum video?


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You guys know of any really good drum videos? I have the Carter one, very good.
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I have the Carter one too, it's good but short for a double video. The Neil Peart video is excellent. If you're into Dream Theater, pick up the Mike Portnoy video - very impressive.




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I don't know what you are wanting to learn or study so it's hard to recommend ones that you would be interested in.


I owned a drum shop, almost a decade ago, where I picked up a copy of every video I sold. Needless to say, I've got a LOT of videos; not too many recent releases however.


I guess I'll start by recommending a great brush video since Dendy posted a lesson on brushes. I would HIGHLY recommend that you pick up Clayton Cameron's "The Living Art of Brushes". There are dozens and dozens of patterns shown, all with close-up shots and in slow motion. There's also some live footage of Clayton playing with a trio which is okay to watch to. It seems to be less about the music and more about the chops ... but hey, it's a drum video.


This video is an excellent resource; one that can archived and viewed time and again. If you are serious about drumming, you need to get this video.

If you learn just one thing from video ... it will be well worth the price of admission!





Bart Elliott


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