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PA's and Speakers


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I'm interested in what everybody here is using for a PA. I currently have a Yamaha EMX5000 with 2 of Yamaha 1x12 monitors. I'm looking to buy several more to use as the mains or floor monitors.


I'm not looking to spend Bose PAS $$$, but need some suggestions. Light weight and portability are important. I've looked online at Carvin, Yamaha and Bose (802 seriies look good, but I think I'm supposed to buy some kind of EQ and subs to go with that).


I saw a pair of older Fender columns with 4x8 inch speakers, looked really cool, for $125. Probably heavy though.

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I think Yamaha makes nice stuff. What are you putting through the system? 500 watts isn't a whole lot of power. I assume you are using one side fo rmains and one for monitors.


The 1x12 works OK for a monitor. I use one at church and my bass sounds fine.


I would guess some Club Series 15" 2-ways would be a nice addition and reasonably priced.


If you want subs you don't have enough power and need another amp or a powered sub.

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The mixer is 500 watts per side at 4 ohms, it seems like a lot.


15" woof looks like the standard, but I was hoping to get it done with 12's. We plan on only running vocals, keys and acoustic guitar thru the PA.


JC, thanks for the JBL mention, somehow I didn't even think of them. They have a new MRX series that looks good to me, but I haven't priced them yet.


Anybody have any experience with buying used PA speakers?

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Here's what my band uses:


2 JBL JRX 125 "Quasi 3-Way" PA Cabinets (2 15s & 1" compression driver each)


1 JBL JRX118SP 18" 500W Powered Subwoofer


Mackie M1400 Power Amp (1400 Watts)used on mains


Behringer PMX2000 Powered Mixer (500 Watts) with Digital Effects and on board graphic EQs. The powered outputs are used on monitors only



The JRX cabinets are budget speakers for JBL but we gig about 6-8 times per month and they hold up very well.

This set-up works really well in moderately sized venues (100 - 300 capacity). Our band can get away with less power than a lot of bands because we used Roland V-drums which are electronic (read QUIET on stage)and acoustic guitar. Our stage volume is very low so the P.A. doesn't have to be really cranked to overpower it.

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