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How do I put together a promo pack?


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I only have one recording of myself with a full band that I would consider represintative of my work. How would you guys suggest I put together an audition pack for bands/groups looking for a bassist? I can record myself at home, but what do I play? Do I play the bass part as it is. I dont think people want to hear that because it is often not exciting to listen to. But I dont want to play a bunch of solo type stuff because I dont want them to think I would overplay. I am currently looking at studio/hired bassist work. If I find a group I want to join full time and pour my soul into that is a different beast altogether.


I need some direction... if you could please help me out that would be great.








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Try a search here.


First of all (and most importantly) keep it simple. Treat it as you would a resume for a job.

Include a short musical history, influences and types of music you are interested in playing, a decent photo of you playing and a list of equipment.

Your demo should be a well recorded band setting and rather than full songs give clips of no longer than 30 seconds.


Good Luck

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