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Things are looking up


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Things are starting to look up. I've got calls for three gigs two this weekend, and one for next weekend. The funny thing is this friday I'll be playing with a rock/blues group, Bass Drumms , and Guitar. I don't know any of the stuff I'll be flying by the seat of my pants. I'm gonna get with them tonight to go over some of the stuff. The gig Sat is a R&B thing with some other ppl that I have worked with on a jazz set.I do know some of the stuff, but not much, and next week back with the Blues group. I wasn't going to do the blues thing at first because these same guys wouldn't give me a chance last spring, never even heard me play now that they have they are swinging on the vine. I've been getting calls from ppl that I don't know wanting to hook up, this time last year I couldn't pay someone to listen to me play, everyone would just big time me. It is funny how things change. :thu:
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