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Hi, ive been playing bass about 2 years, im self taught and really dont practice half as much as i should. I've now designated an hour everyday of my time just to sit alone in my room and play.


I got a beginners DVD in a package i got from my local music store on christmas 2 years ago, ive been through it a dozen times, and well i dont even think you can class it as beginer, its rather simple, its alot of playing the open E, on whole notes, quater notes, ect.


I was wondering if there our any websites, or books, ect. That give me the fundamentals, like perfect fretting, the right technique ect.


Thanks, Harrison

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The only books I'm familiar with are Hal Leonard (can be bought online or at any music store, even some book stores might carry them). But I'd just hit up your local music store and go through their selection of books.

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