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my first bass


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So I plan on making my first bass guitar purchase but I'm a little unsure of a few things. I wanted to buy a left-handed one and I found one in my price range ($200 max) made by Fullerton. I just need a small amp and I'm sure this sounds stupid but are there separate amps for bass or does a regular electric use the same kind of amp?
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While you can use a "regular" guitar amp for bass, it's not recommended (unless you're using a crossover and using the guitar amp just for the high end; but that's another story). Bass amps usually have an EQ that is more suited to the frequencies covered by a bass guitar; and their speakers are designed to handle those frequencies better.

If money is a major factor, and you already have a guitar amp, you could get by with that until you saved up enough for a bass amp. As you are just starting, I'm assuming you won't be playing any live shows in the immediate future, so you've got time to save for the right piece of gear before the world tour gets booked.


And welcome! Stick around! Share, learn, have fun!

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Bass and electric amps are different.

However, you can use a guitar amp to practice bass. You just cant turn it up as loud because it is not made to handle the low frequencies.


OH YA welcome aboard.


Anyway, if you are jsut looking for something to hear yourself on, a guitar practice amp will be fine. It will not be able to be used in a band setting with drumms, and it wont sound that great, but when you are jsut starting out it is better than nothing.

I dont know where you are, but you can probably find a bass practice amp for close to the same price as a guitar practice amp.

Do you plan on playing with other people, what instruments and how how manywatts are their amps. Will there be a drummer... or are you jsut looking to have fun learing for now?


Not a stupid question.


OH if you want to, there is a search button in the top right quarter of the screen. You can look up practice ideas, "scales" "chords" and other things and get some really good practice tips from some of the amazing players on this forum. I know I have been very fortunate to have their help.

Good luck, jonathan






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Welcome! I'm a guitarist of 14 years that converted back in mid 2004 and let me tell ya.. bass is fun as FUDGE!


But yea, I started out using my guitar amp(s), and the above replies are correct. For learning and practicing at low volumes, it'll do the trick. I played out of my guitar amps the first year till I found a band. Once I knew I'd stick it out with them, and we'd start gigging, I shelled out the cash for a decent amp and it was indescribable the different it makes.


Depending on your style or genre of music, and the volume at which you'll eventually play will be an important factor when you start shopping for a bass amp. Just ask questions, and you'll do great. These fine folks here have helped me out over the years.

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Prices on good starter instruments are amazingly low these days, but even so a $200 max is a bit restrictive. Still, if you can get a decent instrument for that & just get started playing, then by all means go for it!


Same goes for the amp. As folks have said, yes, basses have their own amps, & need to. But again, if a guitar amp is all you have, then the thing is to get sarted playing, however you can. If you do play through a guitar amp, go easy on it.


Did I mention the main thing is just to get yourself going? :D


The smart money, at this stage, would be spent on lessons. And put away what you can for your next bass!

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I can't tell where you are, but one piece of advice I'd give you is go used on your first amp -- you'll get a lot more amp for the money.


And buy as much amp as you can afford, or you'll outgrow your starter amp very quickly.


Personally, I'd look for a 200-watt combo amp at a minimum. (A combo is a unit with the amp and speakers all in one package.) Maybe a Peavey Combo 115 -- great amp for the money, and you can add a second speaker cabinet later if you want to get more power out of it.

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Don't overlook the advantages of a good pair of headphones (under $75.00) They have great tone, volume, and don't disturb the whole neighborhood.



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