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Delay Pedal?


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Does anyone know of a good delay pedal. I would like to be able to "tap" in the rhythm in ping pong mode, analoge/tape mode, as well as plain echo mode. Clearity of sound and very very very little noise is desired, also true bypass (if you can tell me how to do this on a model without true bypass please let me know :) )

Thanks Gals and Guys, Jonathan






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I vote for the Line 6 echo park as i've used this before and its lovely, plus you can use it as a looper and bypass the pedal whilst keeping the loop going.

If you can afford it and find one, i reccomend trying out a memory man by electro harmonix, it may not be your cup of tea but i personally love their stuff.


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BOSS DD-20 giga delay


expensive (kinda) but you cannot beat 21 seconds of delay, four memory banks for different settings, and on the fly changes using the knobs. (plus the multi tap button works quiet well).


you also can't beat 11 different delay modes (all of which ARE very different and unique).


i love mine and i'd suggest it over the line 6 any day due to it's all metal housing and unique delay settings.





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The second release of Akai Head Rush (E2) does an excellent job for me and has a lot of control, all for a modest price.


I think it is much cheaper than most other loop machines, but it can do a lot of tricks and is pretty easy to use.


If it were for line6 I would be still suffering for gas :)


Info on Akai site

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Don't mess with that old rubbish, get this lovely Fulltone Tube Tabe Echo - vintage sound, modern reliability, such good stage presence that you don't even need to turn up to get a good audience response:





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Originally posted by getz76:

A pedal is too small to look cool for a rock and roll show. Don't forget, big gear = good show.


Get one of these old tape delay units:



Its much cooler to just bring along an few churchs and long hall ways and some acoustic tile.






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