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Bass Up! (Things to do in Atlanta?)

Cliff Bordwell

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I hear they are offering "double post avoidance" seminars. ;):D


Last time I was in Atlanta I stayed downtown. There were many bars to be found but I did not see a lot with live music in them.


Underground Atlanta is worth checking out once if you're into history. I thought it was interesting anyway.

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Well, you could actually GO to Bassup while there. ;) Okay. I had to say that. Just imagine yourself whacking me on the back of the head. If I had not already ordered my bass setup that might have been an opportunity to get some good firsthand advice. But, I got good advice here and think I made a good choice.


Anyway, are you taking a spouse? Will you have access to a car? Do you prefer bar hopping, antique shopping, or something in between? There is always the Coke and CNN tours. My trips to Atlanta are limited to SEC Basketball Tournaments or Crystal Reports/Great Plains training. I cannot tell you much about the bar scene but there is a restaurant downtown with a great dessert bar. :D



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I attended school in Atlanta (briefly) in 1987. The last thing my dad told me before leaving his sweet and impressionable 18-year old son in those sweaty streets was, "Stay away from Peachtree Street. There are girls down there with ..."


That was all I needed to know. My roommate and I were on Peachtree St. before our parents had hit I-85. There were lots of clubs and various street life that were very accessible to an 18-year old in 1987. I don't know about now.


Six Flags Over Georgia is there, as is Stone Mountain State Park. Stone Mountain has a cool laser light show nightly that is shown on the side of a mountain, into which is carved a huge (think Mt. Rushmore) image of Robert E. Lee and some other Civil War notables. You can supposedly fit one of Atlanta's city transit buses on Gen. Lee's horse's hind-quarters.




Not much help, I know. But I like Atlanta and do not get there near enough.


Here are some Atlanta based bass guitar links to check out, if you haven't already done so.


Bass Atlanta

Atlanta Bass Gallery


Here's the Creative Loafing paper for the Atlanta area.


Have fun!

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Get a footlong chili dog at the Varsity , "the worlds largest drive-in restaurant." It's directly across from the Georgia Tech campus. This place is an Atlanta institution. It's been there for decades.


For excellent pizza go to Felini's in Buckhead.


Hockey season is going on so you might be able to catch a Flames game if they are in town.

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Originally posted by Bumpcity:

Underground Atlanta is worth checking out once if you're into history. I thought it was interesting anyway.

there is too much cool stuff in atlanta to waste your time there. i didn't like underground at all. i've always enjoyed little five points . there's lots of good food around there, most notably planet bombay . if you want to get pierced, go to piercing experience , which is east of there, on mclendon.


if you're heading up to buckhead, go directly to soto for the best sushi i've ever eaten. i'm sure felini's is good, but soto is a really worthwhile experience. soto-san is extremely meticulous, and the food is the product.


don't forget to spend some time at the atlanta bass gallery in midtown. and if you feel like bass shopping out in the burbs, go to bass atlanta . i haven't been to either, but the list of gear is quite impressive.



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I'll second a trip to The Varsity. Don't forget to pick up a paper hat as a souvenir!


If you want to hear some exceptional musicianship, head out to Lassiter HS in the 'burbs on friday night. Seriously. They've already won two Grand National Championship titles, and looking at their schedule online they're on the road for another right after the halftime show. This is one of the best HS music programs in the nation; don't think of it as "just another HS marching band". They marched to Holst's "The Planets" one year. They'll have over 300 kids on the field that will just blow you away. (See the booster\'s site for more information.)


Last time I visited Atlanta I went to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site . It's in downtown, maybe not the greatest part (certainly better than the part of Philly that surrounds the Liberty Bell), but was well worth the trip for me. (I'm a national parks junkie.)


You can spend all day at Stone Mountain; I agree the laser show at night is quite nice.


Be careful driving around town. Like Orlando, there's a lot of "can't get there from here" roads; if you miss a turn you're probably better off turning around. (Well, moreso in the 'burbs.) Also, traffic is quite heavy there now. The freeways have more lanes than Orlando, but they share the same problem: too much traffic volume. So, uh, I guess it's not too different from what you're used to, now that I think about it.

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Check http://www.what-the.com/ for the band What The - they are based in Atlanta. I see they are playing the Varsity. They use the new Bose line array systems. Their guitarist (Lee Flier) used to be a frequent poster on forums here.


Have a nice trip!




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If you get near the northern side of Atlanta (out of the city, I mean), eat dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse called Sal Grasso. Here's the address and phone number.


Sal Grosso

1927 Powers Ferry Rd SE

Atlanta, GA 30339

(770) 850-1540


IMHO, it is so good it is simply indescribable! There are two Brazilian steakhouses in the Raleigh area where I live, but they are barely comparable to this place.


There's also the Atlanta Bass Gallery there...I didn't have time to visit the last time I was in Atlanta, but it's definitely on my list for next business trip I make.


If you like aquarium's, Atlanta's new indoor Aquatic Museum opened last year...it's pretty awesome if you like that sort of thing.


And I'll 2nd Eric's advice on traffic...I'd say avoid the freeway's if you can (unless it's a long haul to somewhere), and use the secondary roads. The traffic is no worse, and I think you're less likely to die trying to get where you're going. ;)




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- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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