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Chad Thorne

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Originally posted by Chad:

Is there a more definite musical meaning? Or is it just "swing" in Spanish?

I don't think it's a musical term, so there's probably no direct translation. I mean, what's the precise musical meaning of "sass" or "oomph"?


I believe some people refer to congas as "tumbadoras" (although sometimes I also get the feeling that they are different instruments).

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At last, a transcription of the rhythm of the bass pattern



My theory is that either the word is onomatopaeic in origin referring to the sound of the congas (although it fits nicely with the bass part - tumbao, tumbao, tumbao, tumbao) or that it derives from one of the African languages and arrived with slaves to Cuba.


A very old example of me playing tumbao - warning terrible intonation in the bass solo! :eek::freak:

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