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Advice regarding wireless units


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I am interested to hear from bass players who run wireless. (I run wireless because I mix the band from the stage and occaisionally walk around the club to hear our sound.)


I currently use a Shure wireless (guitar version) and I'm thinking I really should sell it and get a unit specific for bass. Has anyone made this transition ? Please advise. Thanks,


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Hello Tommy R, Welcome to the LD. As I have been replied to at least 5 times; there is a search function on this forum and at least a few threads on the subject. Lots of well thought out information people don't always care to re post.

Here is one link to get you started.



Ive heard good things about nadya nd its cheap. Also, with this kind of question it helps to know, How much are you spending?

What kind of bass (ok that doesnt help its jsut fun for people to talk about)

Do you want a rack unit?


Best of luck, Jonathan






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