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A few pictures of Old Faithful


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I've owned this Fender J-Bass for 13 years and recently discovered that it is only 2 years younger than me, a '74!

When I bought it, it had a nasty white rattlecan paint job and the action was very high. It now has my favorite finish to apply, poly satin. The neck relief at a much better .020". The mother of pearl inlays had I think rubber cement on them, which took a half hour to remove.

If I continue my good behavior(good for me anyway), there will be a chrome bridge cover, pickup cover , and a thumbrest on her this Christmas. :D


Not the prettiest, but she's getting there:


Picture 1-640x475 - 91K


Picture 2-640x475-94K

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That looks great Edro. Natural finishes have always been among my favorites.

I looking to buy a new body for my P and finish it natural or a light stain. I'm curious if you know the type of wood your bass is.

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Thanks guys!


I'm guessing the wood is ash, jlrush. Mainly by the grain pattern compared to the usual alder I've seen.

It's also very light for an older Fender.

Natural finishes are my favorite too. I can't understand why the previous owner covered such nice grain with spray paint white. :rolleyes:

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