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P bass pickup on upright


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Someone's probably already done this...


After seeing another URB with a magnetic pickup, and lamenting the $300 the owner said it cost, I wondered if a Precision bass pickup would work. I took a screw driver and soldering iron to a P bass I don't use, used some velcro, a scrap piece of wood, a jack, and a small piece of sheet metal, and viola, p bass pickup on upright. I've used it for 5 gigs now, including 2 where the volume was fairly high, and I gotta say, I'm pretty pleased.


Here are some pictures:





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Originally posted by Nicklab:

I've seen a number of rockabilly guys doing this. It actually sounds pretty good.

Yep - me too. The guy from the Rock-Cats! comes to mind. They had a record deal in the post-Stray Cats wave of "----Cats" named rock-a-billy bands that came out in the early 80s.

Mudcat's music on Soundclick


"Work hard. Rock hard. Eat hard. Sleep hard. Grow big. Wear glasses if you need 'em."-The Webb Wilder Credo-

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