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Abe Laboriel gets jiggy


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Q: What does a 250 pound bass playing monster do on stage?


A: Anything he wants to!




Long ago I read a comment (by a total idiot, I'm sure) that effectively stated professional musicians don't tap their toes. At last, I have validation for keeping time with my foot all the way up to my armpit.

- Matt W.
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Matt and Phil, I agree with you. I tap my feet when I play. My daughter is being taught that tapping your toe to keep rhythm is important as well. It addes to the skills IMHO.

-- Joe --


"If you think you're too old, then you are." --Lemmy Kilmister

"I have not seen a man who is not god already." --Austin Osman Spare

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My god, that was awful. How can one man be so cheesy? Abe Laborial's solo on the other hand was monstrous - but that smooth jazz cheese, oh my, I've never wanted to smash a guitar so much...


Just goes to show that even the baddest bass solo can't save such anodyne music. Props to Abe for trying, though!



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