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Fretbuzz on Lakland


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why do I get more fretbuzz when I string through the body on my Skyline bass?


Last time I put on new strings i decided to run them through the holes on the back instead of "normal". The E and A string got severe fretbuzz from the 12th fret and up. I tried to highten the strings, but it didn't help. Now I'm back to "normal" setup with no buzz.

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What G. Thomas said. I agree that you are looking at a truss rod or maybe saddle height adjustmnet. Buzz has nothing to do with the string going through-body or into the bridge - the string geometry from nut to saddles is a straight line either way.


Did you change string guages? Brand? Type (roundwound, taper-wound, flat, etc)

- Matt W.
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