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"C" instruments

Ross Brown

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Y'all keeping me busy fixin' them quotes!


I presume you have been trying to type in the UBB code, which uses brackets, and then "QUOTE" to start a quote and "/QUOTE" to end one.


If you just click the "" in the top line of a post, it will quote automatically.


In Ross and loumalones' posts, each of you attempted to quote with a "/" first.

Yep. I'm the other voice in the head of davebrownbass.
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Sax players in concert bands and big band jazz bands get to read transposed music.


Professional sax players in small groups have to transpose everything from the concert pitch.


One of the reasons why I admire my friend Norbert Stachel, sax and multi-instrumentalist, so much is his ability to read and transpose.


On the gigs I have played with him over the last 20 years all the music is written in concert key (for C instruments). Norbert has showed up with instruments in C, G, Eb, Db, and Bb. I've never heard him make a reading mistake (or any other kind of mistake for that matter).


Once he showed up with a few penny whistles and switched between two mid song in order to play notes which were not in the key of the first whistle.


You can hear him on this cd. He's the tenor sax soloist.

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