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LAMA Summer School

Phil W

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OK, this will look like SPAM; but you guys know me, right!? :freak:


Anyone (particlularly at the earlier decades of playing experience) should check this out.


I went two years ago and despite already having over 20 years playing experience, got a lot out of it and had a great time; plus I spent a month there taking private lessons, so that was a bonus.


The bass teachers are wonderful and the other bonus is that bassists are in-demand - there are a lot more guitarists and drummers around so you get lots of playing opportunities.


Only downside is that Pasadena is an expensive place to stay - but you can always stay elsewhere and come in by Metro.


List of bass instructors


Details of Summer Programme


List of drum instructors


List of guitar instructors


List of vocal instructors


Jonathon Herrera studied there on the one year program.


You can check out some recordings from the Summer Programme on the Website link on the top of my posts.

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Well Arwin, I got some funding for the little jaunt two years ago from the Guild of Goldsmiths in London. They paid my wages while I was away; paid the tuition; flights, even my flightcase.


This year I might have to pay myself, I will probably only do the second week though. I am scouting around for bursaries and grants right now. I'll wrte more when I have time. If you really want details I wrote an illustrated several thousand word account on my experiences for my funders when I got back (actually more of a diary). I could email you that, but it's lengthy and long enough that only my mother has read it from start to finish ;) Maybe you could flick through.

Listen to the samples on my myspace account, all were recorded with other students or teachers. I think they've improved the course by splitting the genres into two separate weeks and providing everyone with one private lesson.

Listen to some of Steve Billman's playing (he's a great melodist and a wonderful bassplayer and teacher here

Try P.M. for starters

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