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My song

Demolition Angel

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Errr yeah,


Trying to be positive you sound a bit like 70s Hawkwind only not so good.

I would check out their albums, especially Space Ritual, 'Quark, Strangeness and Charm etc." - (anything recorded between 1970 and 1977)to hear how they used similar repetive riffs but layered melodies and abstract sax aand synth noises over the top. They also used dynamics rather well.

Not sure what kind of gig that'd go down well at - unless there's something incredible happening visually! At the moment it's not a song yet, only a riff.

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On the positive side, you guys seem to play together pretty well!


In response to your question, I have to agree with the two posts above. You've started with a good riff, but now you have to build a song over it. Write some lyrics, come up with a vocal melody, overdub some other instrumental textures. Listen to some of your favorite records for ideas on how tunes are arranged and produced. Try to pick up some ideas and then change them to make them your own.


If you guys aren't strong vocalists, you'd do well to find another member who is. There's a lot of competition for even the gigs at your local dive. If you want to be part of a successful band, you'll need "hooks" - musical ideas that stick in people's ears and make them want to hear your music over and over again.


Good luck.

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