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Heavy gauge strings...


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Hi Picker,

For wounds I like to use 50 to 105. They seem to make the G and D fatter, with a little more volume.

I prefer 45's for my fretless Jazz.


I recently put a set of heavy flats on my P. They were 55,75,90,110. I thought they would work out great, but were too heavy for my tastes and being flats had a lot more tension than I wanted. I gave them away to a friend.

I'd like to find a set like that in wounds though.

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Many bass necks just aren't up to heavier gauge strings over the long run. If you do make the shift, a truss rod tweak is in order. You might want to check that your truss rod isn't already maxed out.


More importantly, if you change your mind and go back to mediums make sure you loosen the truss enough to prevent the neck getting a permanent back-bow.

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I prefer light gauge with everything.


If my drum tutor would let me (he doesn't) I'd use 7A sticks, which are the lightest sticks going.


My 6 string acoustic has 10 on the E, I'd happily go lighter if I could.


My basses are all 40 - 100, except one ABG fretless, which has even lighter TI acousticores.


I just have to accept it - I'm a wuss.


"We will make you bob your head whether you want to or not". - David Sisk
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I have one bass, an Epi Les Paul, that is strung with GHS Boomers Heavy Set (50-70-95-115). I tune that bass down a whole step and it sounds and plays great. I have another I put the regular 45-105 sizes on but the rest normally have lighter strings on.

The groove is in the spaces.



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I like Thomastik-Infeld PowerBass strings on my fretted Carvin 4-string, which are 47 to 107, if I recall correctly. They have a very tight, punchy sound which works well on that particular bass.


They are the only strings I've ever put on that got comments from the band, because they cut through the mix really well. I like to really dig in with my plucking hand, and these strings are stiff enough to do that without flopping all over the place.


They are hard on the fingers, though, if I haven't played that bass for a while.



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