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Modulus Flea 5/4


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Haven't seen the 5 but I've played the 4. Like the neck, but I'd rather get that separately and stick it on something I like better. Though despite all the hype, a Modulus neck and a well-made wooden neck (Warwick, Warmoth, Fender, and others to name a few) will do the same job and require little maitenance if you treat them right.


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I've never warmed up to the Modulus Q series, but I liked the Flea version (I tried the 4, not the 5). I don't care for some of the colors offered, but the neck felt great, and the sound was fine!




Acoustic Color


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Is that bass really worth the price? Or is this just another over priced bass that has someone's name on it?

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To be quite honest, I'm looking for something a little less 'glam' as a Warwick 'vette. It was my dream bass, so I pretty much got it without thinking twice (once I had enough to buy it). It's touchy, with the fully adjustable bridge, the bell brass frets that catch every little twing and twang (good and bad if you're ornary), the right set of strings to fit it, the heavyness (not really a big problem), the tube jack (not fond of) and how low it sits in your lap. These things have occurred to me over time, but I guess they come with the territory. So I'm looking at the Modulus Flea 5. That's the deal. So any info would be hot. Anything a'tall.



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