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Rocky Horror Picture Show


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R H P S !


I forgot how awesome the bass is throughout the soundtrack. Science Fiction Double Feature is an awesome display of 70's bass! That guy is all over the place, and it works!


The melody to Time Warp is pretty simple, but the bass hooks it perfectly.

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I used to have a college intern who "did" Rocky Horror with friends on Friday nights -- going to the show all dressed up.


"*ring* Hello, Daniel? Yeah, we're going Friday, but we need a Riff Raff. Can you do it?"

"Tours widely in the southwestern tip of Kentucky"
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My wife is a big RHPS fan. She bought the soundtrack on vinyl back int he day. I cheated and was spared the typical "virgin" treatment when I went to my first show.


I must have heard the soundtrack a million times by now, but I can't remember a single bass lick from it! :freak: Possibly because the emphasis is always on singing along whenever it's being played.


Now we have the DVD. And the karaoke disc. :rolleyes:


Anyway, I guess I'll have to go back and listen to the bass a little more closely, now that you mention it.

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