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Pandora.com - too cool!


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Intelligent online music radio that plays what you want to hear. My first attempt has been music of the same ilk as Bob Marley's and George Clinton's, and it hardly played me a tune I didn't dig - this could get expensive...


Go there!





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Wow, looked it up. I like it. I find it interesting how there's so many subcategories which they define their music by. Mild syncopation with acoustic, vocal-central aestetic, etc.


However, I will say I'm a bit disappointed (in general) with their picks. How does Cake merge into CCR? I guess they have SOME similiarities, just not what I was looking for.

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I got to beta test this, and thought it was great. If you listen to a really wide variety of music, it seems to make more sense to set up a couple of different of your own "stations" rather than trying to force it to develop a personal profile on a single station that covers that breadth.


It is cool. Particularly good for those of us who spend extended periods of time at our computers and can let the music play while we work.






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It's quite fun to build your stations on here. A friend of mine just found an article about the company--all the employees are musicians, and they spend all day sitting at their desks listening to CD after CD and analyzing the stylistic influences in order to fit it into the program.


And my band is in their catalog, which is always fun :)

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Got to use it today, excellent (first choices - Weather Report and The Meters - pulled up some unfaniliar and great stuff). I've had to tell everyone I've seen about it.

I have a problem, though. My computer at work plays all the music too fast. I think this is a problem with the computer rather than the site as it's an aged beast. It used to do the same with Windows Media Player but I tweaked that so that playback was analogue rather than digital and this got the computer to play music at the correct speed.

Any ideas how I could get the Pandora Flash playback at the correct speed? I've emailed them about it.

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Yep.. This is pretty damn cool.


I now have a station that plays Napalm Death and High On Fire as well as another that plays Sunny Day Real Estate and Innaway. I could get into this.



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I'm diggin' the thing as well. I currently have a Meshuggah station going on, apparently I like music that features hard rock roots, chromatic harmonic structure, thru composed melodic style, heavy syncopation and minor key tonality.
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Wow, I'm hooked. I'm on a James Brown station and they played:


Try Me - JB

Can't Turn You Loose (Live)- Otis Redding

Born Under a Bad Sign - Albert King

A Man Has To Go Back To the Crossroads to Find Himself - JB - LOL! They actually played something off the album "Hell!"

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - JB

Herbie Hancock - Toys

Respect (live) - Otis Redding


So I signed up for free. Thanks for the tip!


I wish I had better speakers on my laptop - I can barely hear the bass.

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Yes, I have my work PC connected to an old 'boom box' - sounds great!

A Head with Wings - nice one :D

Actually, the music helps me work though - except when I'm checking the names, titles, registering, making stations, fast-forwarding etc. ...erm :freak:

Tomorrow, I introduce my Elementary school class to Pandora!

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OK, I updated my soundcard drivers and now everything is fine! Very much enjoying this site.


Here's my station based on Herbie's 'Sly'




I'm so glad of the pause button too, especially when Chameleon came on at the same time I got called out to do the sound mixing on the kids' Christmas show.

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