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NJ GigSpam: One Night Of Music (Oct 17th)

Fred TBP

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The other day I received a phone call from a close friend to play at one of the benefits being hosted throughout New Jersey on Monday night, 10/17/2005. Many other bands will be joining us at other clubs throughout the state to help raise funds for victims of Hurricane Katrina. It's not a scam (NJ seems to be an appropriate place to stage internet scams) and for this reason I thought it was appropriate to post this on behalf of my friends and fellow performers throughout the state.


Details on the various scheduled events and the justification for this can be found on One Night Of Music (click here). If your band wants to be part of this, you should contact one of the clubs listed here, but I expect there'll be many already scheduled at this time. Whether you choose to play or just to show up and see your favorite Joisey band in action, be prepared to donate something to the cause. All proceeds will go directly through the Salvation Army or the Red Cross, two very reputable organizations who have done a lot and made no profits in doing so. If you've already committed to perform, cool, let us know here!!!


For those interested, my performace will be with the house band (Ten Years Gone) at the Railroad Cafe in East Rutherford, NJ. Who knows, maybe we'll have time to chat face-to-face!


PS: My mistake in assuming this was just a Joisey affair. I see there's also a club in MA participating, and there may be other clubs in other states getting ready to commit soon.

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Nick, good question. I'm making phone calls. (good thing I have lots of cellphone minutes) So far it's 7-9PM, but that depends on issues like whether it's indoors (can extend to 10 or 11) or outdoors, what the weather forecast and contingency plan is (considering the increase in lakes and rivers running through northern NJ at the moment :D ), whether the guests are bringing support players (other bass players will be there so I'll have downtime) whether to bring a monitor cabinet or if it's all going through the Bose system (wait'll you hear that!)... typical "open mike" confusion. I'm not even sure if I'm singing or what the set list is. (Musicians are always the last to know.) I'll post as soon as I know. (I can only speak for my gig, the other clubs have their own plans.)


Maury, it's the thought that counts. Good luck on the recording session, we'll catch up sooner or later.


(...sound of feet shuffling back... )

(whew!, lnog trip...) 7PM-11PM - Indoors! I'll be there a little after 6 to set up and order a beer. They'll probably shove us in the corner so I think we'll be playing through the PA. Not sure which AEB to bring, plenty of time to worry about that later. Any more questions? I'll pass them on to the appropriate people.

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Originally posted by getz76:



Sorry Fred, I'm not going to make it. Have a great gig.

Damn, and I packed the Epiphone El Capitan 5 just for you! :D

No problem, have a great recording session and don't leave the meter running in the engineer's booth! (there should be a law that makes guitar players and singers pay for their own retakes!)


(PS: We had a "warm up" session at another benefit in Maywood yesterday, but the notice was so last-minute I had to call to get directions from my car. And I have 7 hours left to learn how to play "I Am The Walrus" instead of "just winging it".)

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Fred is a great player and I suggest anyone who can make get out to see him work over the instrument. It is a joy.


Fred, my takes are done, but I need to go in to listen to some guitar tracking to make sure everything works out the way it is supposed to.

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UPDATE (the morning after):

It went well. Rough amount is somewhere around $600 raised for Katrina victims to go to the Salvation army there, and this is just for the club I played in. Not bad considering we held this on a Monday night, usually a dead night in most clubs anyway.


Music was exciting and varied (I tend not to exaggerate but I can honestly report there was lots of applause, lots of guests and supporters, and lots of meetings, hugs and catching up from the "extended family") ranging from oldies ("Wake Up Little Susie") to baby-boomer oldies (what I call the "Golden Slumbers" suite from side 2 of Abby Road - and it was FRAGGIN' AWESOME!!!) to Motown ("Chain of Fools") to classic rock ("Sympathy For The Devil") to C&W ("Crazy") to the more contemporary (U2) and originals to... how do you classify a Steely Dan set? (observation: the "guitar clones" and "local superstars" stayed home and some of the lesser known real talent showed up last night) Some of it I played, some of it I just held on and winged it (more on that on another post), and some I just sat back and watched the others wail away. I think some of this will wind up on the web soon, so when I get word I'll post a link to it.


It was great music to listen to (and play), the bar did great business and the food was superb for "Jersey diner" cuisine. (one of the positive things about New Jersey is the diversity and quality of the food here.


Maury, you're too kind. I'm just growing into it like everybody else and every time I hit a plateau I see the next summit to climb. I need to see you again real soon, and you need to see my friend Pete Bremy on an MTD custom-built 6-string. (he performed the bass/harmony vocals on the "Golden Slumbers" suite!)


I'll try to get earlier notices out to include the rest of you, but only the events that mean something to others (like the fundraisers) or maybe that "one day it'll be me on the big stage" gig.

C-ya-real soon! :wave:

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I will attest to the veracity of Maury's words.

Fred will bring it, for sure.

You just tell him where you want it.


Fred, sorry I missed out on this, but props to you for doing it for a good cause.


Keep us informed, please...






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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