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Can someone identify this bass?


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Can anyone identify this bass? It's from a smaller independent (I think) bass maker. I originally found the ad for the company in Bass Player about 3 years ago and neglected to mark the website or even write down the company name. Searches for my issue of that magazine and on the internet have been of no avail. I think the company name starts with a "Z". haha... http://www.geocities.com/aphoticriver/GreenAlexisBass.jpg


I saved this picture when I originally visited their website back then...thats why I have it.

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I too was turned on to these instruments from an add in my first issue of Bass Player (August 2000...with Tony Kanal on the cover...I still love that guy). It's a company called Norton Guitars . I have still never seen one in real life and I'm still very interested in checking them out. Some very interesting design ideas.
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