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For upright bass - use a mic instead of transducer?


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I was at a wedding this weekend and the music was a violin and guitar. The guitar player also sang. I wasn't able to speak with them or check out gear very closly, but they used what sounded and looked like nice (more than Shure 57's) shock-mounted mics.


The violin sounded great, as did the Martin acoustic. As easy as built-in transducers are, there's nothing like a good mic. It sounded so natural.


I currently use a K&K Bass MAx transducer. Maybe micing the upright bass instead of or in addition to using the K&K Bass Max transducer would give me a better sound.


If you are using a mic for your upright, what are you using?

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I've never mic'd one, but here's my experience.

Originally posted by ATM:

JB, let's clarify. Upright bass. I wanted to rip that funky (bad funky) mic off the side of that bass and shove it where the sun didn't shine.


For the rest of you who weren't there, this kid had a mic that kinda clamped on to he side (player side) of the bass. His mission was to find amplification that didn't have feedback.


Now correct me BGO, Davio, & JBFLA if I'm wrong, but they went through every cone in the showroom to try and find a lack of squelch. Beaver came out from the back, after a while of this, to find out what was going on. The rest of us, as I have recently discovered, lost about 10% of our hearing, mainly in the upper range, so not quite a loss in our chosen love of life.


Anyway, the kid could play, and yes, I did covet the upright bass. His MusicMan was very nice as well. He finally did find something that wasn't calling-all-dogs, what it was I wasn't paying attention to as I had better things at hand and wanted to be far away from the audio onslaught, and pulled out a wad of cash for it. I was trying to figure out how the kid got the cash, now I know. I had thought that it was his dad that was with him, but after thinking about it I have come to realise it was probably his sugar daddy, this being Florida and all... :eek:


Anyway again, that's just one of the stories from our day at Bass Central. I'm now going to start scanning in my photos from the experience and will relate a horrifying story of what just happened today a little bit later.

Originally posted by JBFLA:

[JBFLA - ears still ringing...]


uh, ATM, can you speak up a bit louder?



Yeah, the kid had decent chops, but man - I don't care what kind of system you have, if you're less than 2 feet from the cab (at a 45 degree angle to the mic)...


Kudos to Mark (Matt? the staff member) who stuck with them and figured out that there was an inherent frequency problem and recognized that this guy wasn't going to be able to elliminate it with a parametric unit. He isolated it to 340 HZ, found an amp with graphic EQ that could handle it and set the kid up with a system. Granted, that's his job and they spent serious coin (on 2 Eden 2X10 cabs and an Ampeg head and a Warwick Cart) but he worked with them for a couple of hours.

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Hi Steve


I caught this post just as it was about to drop off the front page. Cleary, there cant be that many folks on this forum miking their URB's.


I've also only just been considering miking mine, so I'm not in a position to advise. Bob Golihur could, however. Try his website. They've always given me pretty good feedback.


Good luck.

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I've been using a K&K Sound Golden Trinity/Bass Max system on my basses the last three years or so. I've always loved the "air" that a mic can add to an instrument signal, and most things I do doesn't require higher volumes. The pickup supplements the sound and serves as a Plan B option if volumes or the Stage From Hell makes mic use impractical.


I've taken the AMT Double Bass Microphone out, too, but I'm too cheap to buy myself one.


Prior to the current mic system, I gigged a K&K Bass Master Pro, a two pickup system. At the time volumes were oten too high for practical mic use.


Frankly, I typically prefer to have two signal sources on any acoustic instrument, be it a mic and pickup or two pickups, it seems to add dimension to the sound. I made little homebuilt condenser mics for my URB and acoustic guitar partner's instruments as far back as the late 70's.


*Disclaimer: I sell URB pickups and mics.



1000 Upright Bass Links, Luthier Directory, Teacher Directory - http://www.gollihurmusic.com/links.cfm


[highlight] - Life is too short for bad tone - [/highlight]

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