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Jazz Neck on a Precision Body?


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Originally posted by BA55PLAY3R:

I have a 77ish jazz neck and I want to put it on a precision bass. The neck is a three-hole micro tilt and the p-basses that I've seen are all four hole plates. What's the best way to get this to work?

The way Fender parts have gone on eBay, you could make some serious change just selling the neck and getting a similar neck from Warmoth and have money left over for the installation. I've had 3-bolt neck Fenders and sold them all except for a '72 Tele. They just shifted too much for my tastes.


As far as the jazz neck on a P-body, why not? The difference in dimensions is at the nut, not at the heel. Done that a few times, as well as a P-neck on a J-body. Leo Fender's original intent when designing his instruments was to enable simple parts replacement.


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Originally posted by SteveC:

Originally posted by cloclo:

buy a p-bass special deluxe ;)


no, really, good luck!

Looks like a bass I would like. P bass tone with J bass neck. I'm not sure I want active electronics though.
well, yes and no.

the smaller neck (less mass) makes it a bit less of a p-bass tone. there seems to be a bit less low mid in there and since this is the 'growl'-frequency area the p-bass tone is not 100%.


i'm not saying the tone isn't good, but if your goal is to get a genuine p-bass sound you have to take this into account...

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My purple Lull P bass was built that way from the start. Jazz neck on a P body with passive electronics. A P neck feels a little clumsy in my hands, while the Jazz neck is sleek and comfortable.


I seriously doubt that you'll notice much difference (any difference) in tone from a neck to neck if the woods are the same.

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