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�Todd Johnson� Signature Zon


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Todd Johnson picked up his amazing new 6 string bass last Friday, just in time to break it in at his BassQuake clinic & performance.


It is the best looking Zon Ive ever seen or played. It has a beautiful smoky black finish with tiny frets, very low & fast action, a very deep cut-away on the C string side, 26 frets, with a slightly extended fingerboard beyond the last fret, ramp between the pickups (a la Gary Willis) Playing this monster is like a working with a laser in surgery; its the ultimate tool for tone & playability. Great work Joe & Mark!


I was doing fine controlling my gas, but no...I just had to play it.



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Todd let me play the new bass, too.



Joe Zon has created a wonderful instrument...exactly to Todd's specifications.


And he did it pretty quickly as well. It seems it was only a few months ago when I overheard Todd and Joe discussing options.


Meanwhile someone is going to get a great deal...Todd is now selling his custom Yamaha 6 string complete with a midi pickup....for a very reasonable (although not inexpensive) price.

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BTW, Todd just came out with a killer DVD for bass players called the "Walking Bass Line Module System." It's really a must for any player.




THE WALKING BASS LINE MODULE SYSTEM takes the "mystery" out of

learning to play walking bass lines by breaking it down into small "bite size"

chunks that anyone can "digest!"


Link to Todd\'s Web Site

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When I met todd at a vintage guitar show arouond january, he was still thinking about whether or not he wanted to move from yamaha to zon, I got a chance to play his yamaha and that instrument played amazingly as well.

It looks like he has made a good decision, the bass he's holding in the artists section reminds me a great deal of trip wansley's three pickup sonus. Theys eem to have the same electronics configuration and top wood, bubinga pommele, as well as other options like hardware color etc.

Both are beautiful and I bet they play pretty darn near perfect too.

P.S. When I met Todd he was playing yamaha and gk, the accugroove and zon stuff seem like they suit his playing style and sound very well.

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Now, that's just too pretty.

Great looking bass, indeed.

I have always liked the "Zon sound", that deep but bright graphite thing.

I dig the deep cutaway/26 fret config, too.

Sweet. Thanks for the pics!






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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