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Larry Willis


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Larry Willis -- pianist for Blood, Sweat & Tears/the Adderley brothers, pianist/composer for the Larry Willis Trio (duh!) as well as various other projects -- is amazing.


I've been meaning to post this for a few days. I don't remember if I mentioned anything about it last year but my college orchestra recorded with Mr. Willis' trio last Spring for a few of his compositions. He also shared a stage with our jazz band in our annual Child of the Sun jazz fest (which he's going to do again this year).


Anyway, he came back this past week because I guess he didn't like the recording of one of the shorter tunes and he wanted to redo it. For one reason or another the other two members of his trio couldn't make it back for the recording so he asked me to play the jazz bass part! It wasn't a difficult part and anybody could've played it (and probably better than I did) but I was just jazzed that he asked me to play for him. The recording went well and we actually got it in 3 or 4 takes...not bad for an orchestra full of students. I wish Larry's bass player could've made it back though. He was amazing even though I can't remember his name for the life of me (I'm horrible with names). He and the drummer were really fun to talk to on breaks. I hope that in 10-20 year I'll enjoy my job as much as they do.


Just wanted to share.

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Originally posted by ATM:

So, when's the CD coming out? ;)



I've been asking the same question. Apparently they're negotiating with some jazz label right now for nation-wide (possibly world-wide) distribution. Only thing that sucks is that it's through my school orchestra so I can't get paid. :cry::P
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Sounds to me like you already "got paid" just by being there and being asked.

Your "bonus" was doing well and being appreciated.


And there's no taxes! :)

And you'll probably get a free copy of the cd, right? So, you're ahead. :D


Seriously, cool. Congrats to you.






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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What an item to add to your resume: "recorded sessions with Larry Willis, keyboard player for BS&T"... That should get you into a few nice auditions. Definitely "right place at the right time"! And you probably didn't get paid because you're still "paying your dues"... :D

Congratulations on landing the gig! :thu:

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Originally posted by Fred the bass player:

And you probably didn't get paid because you're still "paying your dues"... :D

I have no problem "paying my dues" since I'm still young and I've only been giging for a handful of years...but when I have to borrow money for gas to get to work??? :eek:


Man I can't wait for that promotion/raise+more hours in October.


Thanks everybody. It was a great experience even though I enjoyed listening to Larry's regular bass player more than playing myself. Larry's a great guy...wonderfully kinda-hearted and willing to teach. He's even better when he can remember that you just played with him the other day (or what he was talking about 30 seconds earlier)...kinda spacey to say the least.

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