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Seeking Representation


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Hello Kiddies.

I have another question for the esteemed throngs here assembled. :) Please do help if you can.


I have been composing music for a long while now, in various ways and formats. Acoustic guitar into a cassette deck, late-night snippets from my 48-track studio days, 4 track cassette meanderings, etc. But all with a purpose.


A recent gift acquisition ( I have a really, really cool wife) puts me into a position to actually record this stuff in a more "proper" fashion, which leads naturally to me looking to sell/place this music to various outlets.


What kind of agent/rep should I be looking for to assist this process? What's a reasonable rate to have to pay them, and what should I expect from them in return? Do I need different people/agencies to sell to various outlets?


I know there are music placement people, but I suspect they are better approached through an agent. Right or not?


I have googled this some, but I'm looking for more personal info if possible.


Thanks all. I really appreciate it.






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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As I understand it, a common outlet and distribution point for independent music is CDBaby.com and a few others. Again as I understand it, CDBaby not only sells over the web, they also sell to regional distributors, etc. They provide the mechanics of actually being able to deliver the goods once someone has bought your music. You can handle the mechanics of getting them CD's that they can sell yourself...it isn't all that difficult.


I'd imagine your question is more along the lines of how do you actually promote your music. You're competing against thousands upon thousands of other musicians and groups. There are probably plenty of folks who would like and buy your stuff if they heard it. The question is: how do you get them to hear it? The age-old answer is "go on tour". For those of us with families and jobs, this isn't exactly a realistic answer. If I had the magically-works-for-everyone answer to this particular question, I'd already be a very wealthy man. Needless to say, I'll be watching this thread with great interest.



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Thanks, Dave.


Actually, my particular interest is in placement of music in TV, film, commercials, and e-media.

Besides my own interests in these areas, the music I write is invariably described as "cinematic" by those I have subjected to it.

I really get a kick out of hearing people describe the images the music puts in their minds.


I have toured, played "major" club level venues on both coasts, all the steps, and all led me to the realization that I am a composer, not a rock star. No more touring for me.

But I compose all the time, am a compulsive arranger, and know my music will fit many places.


I have written to film, scoring scenes in movies I watch, so I understand that discipline, but my interest more lies at this point in placing compositions into programs. I understand I'll likely need an agent (or several) to assist in this, and I know there are agencies devoted solely to the process.


I just have never dealt with agencies like this on this kind of level, so I don't really know what to look for. I have some broadcasting experience, so I understand ad agencies and the boardroom dance from that perspective, but I don't know how much good that will do me here.



CDBaby does seem to have some possibility, now I dig around there a bit.

Thanks again, Dave.

Still looking for more informed perspectives, though...






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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From what little I know of the process, you might want to try to find a publishing company. My band just signed a contract with Bug Music, and I'm curious to see what they can do for us.


I also have a friend who works for FirstCom, which specializes in music for commercials and TV. I'm recording 15 rock tracks with them right now--all 2 to 3 minute instrumentals. My friend has had his compositions used in national TV commercials, on Saturday Night Live, various FOX sports shows, and a wrestler in the WWE used to come in to his music.


I'd suggest you do some research on several music publishing companies, and see what you can find.

~Jeremy Hull






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I know someone who can help you accomplish just what you seek to do. He's a guy who runs a music production company and puts together packages of music for outlets just like you described -- TV, commercials, eMedia, etc. Some of the stuff gets picked up in other countries. He writes his own stuff as well as managing the process for other musicians.


One of my friends recently rec'd a surprise royalty check for a little two-minute ditty that got picked up by some Japanese company for a promotional video. The company got the music thru this other guy.


Anyway, the point is that there are people who do the connecting work that you are after.






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it's all about the resume homey.


i hate to just spout more grassroots stuff because who really gets found via the grassroots route, but...


try a myspace music page. i have two friends that have made films and they were scored via myspace. and there are VERY few people that actually do film scoring on there (these guys used individual songs they dug from bands) so you should get bananas on there.


i'll also poke around and see where else they looked. every chump with a dv cam and a part time job at starbucks thinks he's the next scorcese, and they all need scores. get into enough and you might just get into something that gets a look at a festival. from there, who knows?


as for actually selling your stuff to someone legitimate? someone who makes a living buying and using other peoples music? i have no idea. but i'd imagine if it were easy no one on this forum would have a day job.

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