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P.A. recommendations


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We need to upgrade our crappy little PA. This decision came after playing a small outdoor party where we really couldn't hear each other. I don't want to spend a lot of money, being a non singing bass player, but I'm in the best position to make a purchase to improve the band. I will own it, so no one will be asked for money.


This is an area I know very little about. Of course, I have helped with plugging in the Peavey PA we use now, and we need to add stage monitors. I have a stereo amp(Crest) that just sitting there collecting dust, so if that could be utilized, that's great.


I saw a used Yamaha EXM3000 with an ATA flight case for $475 obo. It's 300 watts stereo, 12 channels, and room for 8 mics. Does anybody have experience with the Yamaha EXM's? We want at least 6 mic inputs (3 singers, both guitars and possibly the kick drum).


If I already have an amp, will a non-powered mixer work, or do I need one amp for FOH and one amp for monitors?


Are there any decent systems out there that won't break the bank?

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If you have an amp, I would go ahead and get a mixer. Get more channels than you need for sure. With a 16 channel board you can get way out micing drums or set up an opening act an the other end of the board without messing with your settings for your band. BTW I have the Yamaha EMX5000-20 and it does good work for me.(Its powered)


To start with you can daisy chain the mains on one channel of the amp and run the monitors off the other side. (Assuming you get 8ohm speakers)

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I have a small Yamaha PA (EXS62m, 8 channel, 200w stereo @ 4 ohms). It worked pretty well for the power pop trio I was in. I paid about $300 for it, but I've seen it for less lately. The bigger 600w version, EXS66m I think, is under $500 these days.


PS. Our guitarist was wicked loud!

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Is there anything you don't like about the EMX5000? I just looked at it on the Yamaha website, and it looks nice. So you can run mains on one channel, monitors on the other. Would there be a benefit to running stereo mains?




Tell me what you think about this....


1) 3 vocals, of which 2 are the guitarists.

2) The 2 guitars, through a Fender Hotrod Deluxe and a Line6 AX212, which can be very loud. If we added to the overall sound with a small blend into the PA and monitors, would we be able to lower the overall volume by providing more coverage?

3) Kick drum, because I can easily hear the drummer, except for the kick. I usually stand next to the drummer, so that might have something to do with it.

4) No bass support needed, I guess, because it's loud enough.


We haven't been using monitors because we been playing indoors all the time, so it was a suprise to learn how hard it is to hear each other outside.

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My band abuses powered Carvins with a 15" and a horn and they continue to sound great with plenty of poop. We use 4 of those. Two for mains and two for monitors. We also have two carvin 18s run by their 2000ville watt power amp. Its all contolled by their cheap lil 8 channel mixer. I wasn't in favor of buying Carvin ( I wanted Mackie), but its been working out just great and we use it to about its full potential every weekend.
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