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Steve Lawson - Theo Travis duo

Phil W

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I was lucky enough to check out Steve Lawson's duo gig at the Royal Festival Hall in London recently and would advise people to check this lineup out on Steve\'s website .


It was good to meet up with Steve and Theo Travis is an awesome player. What was most impressive was the ears of both players as they either improvised or developed simple themes into complex soundscapes with plenty of looping of the two instruments.


The two guys created some very atmospheric soundscapes - I found myself closing my eyes and taking in the moods evoked (what music's all about really, I guess, creating and communicating moods and feelings).

Occasionally, I felt the looping involved created a rather static harmonic structure but this was definitely compensated for by the possibilities created. They did a couple of tunes with more harmonic movement for variety anyway.

Believe it or not, it was the first time I'd consciously listened to Steve. I enjoyed the sound and feel of his bass playing. It made me go home and practice my right-hand muting and my vibrato. After reading some of Ed Friedland's stuff recently, I've been trying to get into the right hand palm mute and thumb thing and I'm loving it - it was cool to hear it used straightaway in context.

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