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Alternate speaker config.

The Geoff

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Some of you will have read I use a *very* old Maine Combo for bass - it works, and it's Loud Enough. I had a Fane Studio 12" twin cone 100w and a far Eastern no-name 250w. It sounded pretty ok, but now the Fane has given up - it crackles badly. The no-name is fine, so I'll get another one.


The original speakers (McKenzie 100 16ohm) were wired in parallel for 8 ohms, but the no-names are 8 ohms. There's a ext out, but it cuts off the internal speakers, so I'm supposing the amp doesn't want to see 4 ohms. I reckon if I wire them in series, the amp will still be plenty loud enough for my purposes (I find it frighteningly loud as it is) and it should protect the speakers a fair bit.





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